Weill Cornell Medicine is dedicated to addressing the most pressing health concerns of our time. The priority areas here detail Weill Cornell Medicine's expertise in research, patient care, education, entrepreneurship, and global health.

The research enterprise at Weill Cornell Medicine brings internationally renowned physician-scientists together, across disciplines, to target some of the most formidable health challenges of the 21st century.
All of our work in research, education and clinical care, and every member of the Weill Cornell Medicine team, is dedicated to providing world-class service to our patients.
Today’s medical students are the next generation of health care pioneers. It is their role to observe and listen to their patients, to seek new cures, new processes, and new paradigms of care.
Weill Cornell Medicine has a unique opportunity to foster and expedite the development of nascent discoveries that can benefit the public.
Weill Cornell Medicine is devoted to expanding the mission of the medical college by partnering with institutions around the world to improve global health care.