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Partners in Medicine

Partners in Medicine is a recognition society created to honor the special generosity of contributors who provide essential support for existing programs and new initiatives at Weill Cornell Medicine.  Donations can be designated to any area of our work that is of particular interest – or we will use your support where it is needed most.

Our Partners in Medicine help Weill Cornell Medicine lead the way in innovative treatments and pioneering research – pairing medical education and the latest in technologies with a commitment to compassionate and personalized care.  These special contributors are active Partners, who share our vision and commitment to the advancement of medicine. 

Partners whose generosity and philanthropic spirit help shape our institution are nominated to the following societies:

Partners ($1,000 - $2,499)

· A Partners in Medicine identification card showing the holder to be a special supporter;
· Assistance from a Weill Cornell Medicine liaison in arranging medical referrals;
· Use of the Samuel J. Wood Library and the C.V. Starr Biomedical Information Center;
· An insider’s view of the most current news coming out of the institution, including Weill Cornell Medicine publications and Partners in Medicine newsletters;
· Insider invitations to educational seminars and other events to hear about the latest advances in medical diagnoses, research, and care. 

Sponsor ($2,500 - $4,999)
· Enjoy all the benefits of Partners, plus receive special recognition on the Weill Cornell Medicine website honor roll.

Benefactors ($5,000 - $9,999)
· Enjoy all the benefits of Sponsors, plus receive special recognition on the Partners in Medicine Donor Wall, prominently displayed on campus at Weill Cornell Medicine.

Founders Circle ($10,000 - $24,999)
· Enjoy all the benefits of Benefactors, plus receive a VIP invitation to an exclusive Weill Cornell Medicine special event.

Leadership Circle ($25,000 - $99,999)
· Enjoy all the benefits of Founders, plus receive an invitation to Weill Cornell Medical Center’s signature annual event, Cabaret!

Donor Roster

Sponsors $2,500-$4,999

Richard Adrian
Joann L. Alvis and Daniel H. Greenberg
Anonymous (2)
Michael and Leticia Atieh
Sara and Charles Ayres
Deborah H. Baum
Sheryl Benjamin
Taffy Benjamin
Mary Frey and Richard Lynn Bennett
Gail and Edgar R. Berner
Marianne and Harvey Bernstein
Kimberly Bollenbach
Ellen M. and Robert A. Calinoff
Peter J. Callahan
Carolyn M. Callahan
Douglas H. Cameron
Barbara B. Cohn
Sandra and Wayne Coyte
Sona I. and A. David Degann
Denise and John Dorans
Jennifer Danzi and Alexander Elias
Marjorie B. Ellenbogen
Frances and Carmine J. Falcone
Beatrice Favino
Elisabeth Fontenelli
Robert M. Gershon
Gary E. Gibson
Alan Gover
Ellen and Roger Harvey
Ruth Hirsch
Margot and Stephen Holland
John W. Holman, Jr.
Clark Huang
Yukako Kawata
John C. Kelly
Constantine Keremet
Sara Kier
Ruben Klein
Nathan Kravis, M.D.
Joyce and Edward Landau
Elaine F. and Richard E. Landau
Pamela M. and Jon P. Larrick
Carol Terner Lederman
John A. Loconsolo
Susan Shaskan and Eric Luse
Sarah J. Marks
Ann E. and Gilbert C. Maurer
Diane L. and Adam E. Max
Stephanie and Carter McClelland
Linda and Clement E. McGillicuddy
Helen N. Mettler
Sarah Monahan and Daniel Nathan
Virginia T. Morgan and Alfred Y. Morgan III
Munson Family
Charles H. Murphy III
Meryl Nierman and Charles G. Moore
Nicole and Bruce Paisner
Elizabeth T and Jeffrey M. Peek
Janet and John Petrovski
Robin C. and Michael C. Poulos
Eric Press
Emily G. and Joshua S. Prince
Kimba Wood and Frank E. Richardson
Julian H. Robertson, III
Barbara and Victor J. Rocco
Donna and Benjamin Rosen
Laura and Jason J. Schwalbe
Juana E. Caicedo and Dennis Selinger
Louann and Vincent Sellecchia
Deborah and Gadi Slade
Marilyn Smilowitz
Arnold R. Sollar
Elaine Sollar-Eisen and Edwin Eisen
Carol S. Spero
Ilse and Murray Stark
Chany Steinman
Maleyne M. Syracuse and Michael Trenner
Patsy and Jeff C. Tarr
Leslie J. Topper
Norman H. Volk
Graham Walker
Sandra and Donald B. Yellin
Harvey and Barbara York

Benefactors $5,000-$9,999

Catherine and Christopher Abbate
Norma S. Aduna-Yap
Anonymous (7)
Neil L. and Vicki Aronstam
Susie Dianne and Michael David Barnello
Gregory E. Barton
Veronica Beard
Anne and Philip J. Bergan
Diane Berson Lebowitz and Mark Lebowitz
Julie and Michael M. Betesh
Charles W. Bisset
Elizabeth B. and Lawrence M. Blau
Magda and Edward Bleier
Hilda H. Boas
Paul Brody
Mitchell S. Brown
Jill Ann and John B. Caddell
Lynn R. Callagy
Barbara W. and Edward William Callahan
Debra J. and Matthew J. Chanin
Marc Chemtob
Peggy and Joseph R. Coppola
Vanne S. and Robert A. Cowie
Florence Danforth Meyer
Raphael De Niro
Jane and Robert Draizen
Charles P. Durkin
Nancy and Eli Einbinder
Daly H. and Robald E. Enstrom
Frances and Peter Fan
Julia M. and Michael S. Featherston
Frances and Steve Flink
Alice and Lawrence Friedland
Staffard Garson
Anne and John Gauthier
Lori J. and Gary M. Gertzog
Ambassador Charles L. Glazer
Blanche S. and Steven P. Goldenberg
Sherwin M. Goldman
Elizabeth and Peter Seipp Goltra
Joel I. Greenberg
Ernest F. Grunebaum
Paul Guilden
Christa P. Habboushe
Jaye and Leonard B. Halpern
Catherine Carlisle Hart and Mark Young Stoeckle
Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman
Patricia M. Haverland and Mark W. McBride
Stefani and Steve Healey
Sheila and Irwin M. Heller
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Himoff
Nancy and John B. Hoffman
Jonathan J. Holtz
Rachel L. and Ara K. Hovnanian
Jane Huang and Shin Yi Hsu
Cathy M. Hull and Neil S. Janovic
Janice D. and David W. Ichel
June Jasen
Thomas Kalman
Mary Alice Kane
Nitin P. Karnani
Marie France and Rene M. Kern
Randy L. Ketive
Brenda M. Krepol and Edward H. Albert
Francine Ann LeFrak and Eric B. Friedberg
Marcia R. Levine
Mary T. and Lawrence James Lewis
Gail and Robert F. Liner
Julie and Richard Lobel
Joyce H. Lowinson
Caroline and Serge Lussi
Allison L. and Howard W. Lutnick
Michael T. K. Lynch
Andrew F. Marks
Katherine and Douglas W. McCormick
Vickie and Gregory McLaughlin
Lisa Miller
Marcelle M. Morcos and Fakhry Y. Alexander
Lucio and Joan Noto
Christine and Milton J. Pappas
Peloquin Family
Susan F. Petschek
Stacey A. Polites
Patricia N. and John R. Prufeta
Pamela Tamarkin Reis
Anne and Carl A. Reiss
Maxine and Earl Reiss
Jonathan H. Rendell
Sheila R. and Harold Benjamin Richman
Dana G. and Michael D. Roffman
June and Timothy J. Rooney
Kimberly and Andrew Sagor
Augusta Gross and Leslie Samuels
Margaret F. Savercool-Topper and Lewis E. Topper
Susan and Daniel R. Schwarzwalder
Karen and Walter A. Scott
Bernard Selz
David J. Sheehan
Elizabeth M. and David M. Sherman
Olinda E. and John M. Simon, Ph.D.
Randy Slifka
Paul Spivack
J. Whitney Stevens
Rosemary A. Stevens and Jack D. Barchas
Steven Stone
Linda Tabas Stempel
Joan and Valentine Taubner
Diane Tornejal
Andrew White
Barbara H. Urbach Lissner and Michael Lissner
Cynthia P. and William L. Wilby
Dorothy Livingston Zeifer
Mary Linda and Victor Zonana
Family of Estelle Zimet

Founders $10,000-$24,999

Virginia B. and Andrew E. Adelson
Isidoro Aizenberg
Lillian and Eric Amar
Susan and Jay Anderson
Anonymous (7)
Nancy and Richard A. Aubrecht
Matthew Bell
Manuel Bellod and Hamilton D. South
Belina Vilma Bembo
Linda and James S. Berezny
Deena and David A. Bernstein
Enza and Frank Boccuzzi
William and Krystyna Breger
Susan and Stephen Breitenbach
Barbara and Christopher Brody
Katherine Bryan
Deborah W. and James E. Burke
Jeanne and Paul Carroll
Sharon S. and Thomas J. Chisholm
Eric S. Chun
Harvey A. Clarke
Ann Cook and Charles B. Moss
Verena and Roderick Cushman
Deborah and Bruce W. Duncan
Helene C. and Russell H. Ellison
Joyce Emposimato and Paul Emposimato, Jr.
Elizabeth and Jean-Marie Eveillard
Vivian and Roger Farah
Harley Alison Farber-Raiff and Robert Martin Raiff
Anthony Felicetta
Kelly and Kyle Fisher
Arlene M. and Edward M. Fox
Gant Family Foundation
Won Young R. and Kenneth Anthony Giuriceo
Beverly Glaubman
Laura P. and Edward G. Gleason
Elizabeth M. Gordon
Harriet and Scott N. Greenberg
Marilynn and Ronald M. Grossman
Jennifer M. and Leonard Gruenberg
Mariola B. and Joseph G. Haggar
Jane E. Harmon
Ann L. and Weston M. Hicks
Betty O. Hutman
Barbara and Lawrence A. Inra, M.D.
Arnold S. and Ellen Kheel Jacobs
John Jeffers
Jean Murray and Barclay Gibbs Jones
Joan E. Kahn
Breanna and John Khoury
Ruth J. and Harold J. Kingsberg
Tammy and Stephen A. Kirshon
Susan and Robert Klein
Mary Ellen and Harry A. LeBien
Lehoczky Escobar Family
Elisabeth and John Levin
Francine D. Levine
Marlene and Andrew Lippmann
Dana and Robert J. MacNaughton, III
Rosita Manocherian
Yvonne V. and Michael C. Marsh
Vivian and Jacob Muller
Jonathan Ng
Adam H. Offenhartz
Sean and Julie O'Shea
Lillian A. Oshva and Timothy G. Lyons
Debbie and Andrew S. Phillips
Howard Ratech, M.D. and Hideko Kamino, M.D.
Arlene Richards
Eve H. Robbins
Ellen and Kenneth Roman
Isabella Rose Romano Foundation
Catherine and Michael A. Rosenbluth, M.D.
Milton B. Rosenbluth, M.D.
Michael R. Salzer
Sharon and Marvin Schechter
Cynthia and Thomas P. Sculco, M.D.
Spiros Segalas
William Sherman
Stephanie and Abram Shnay
Lynn G. and William M. Silverman, Esq.
Mitali Sohoni
Eliot B. Stewart
Strausman Family
Ruth Sussman and William E. Hartman
Bara W. and Alex M. Tisch
Lee A. and Paul R. Tregurtha
Martha and Alex Wallau
Jane and Philip M. Waterman, Jr.
Susan G. and James L. Winter
P.M. Yen
Sybil and David Yurman
Julia and John P. Zito

Leadership $25,000-$99,999

Aces for Alzheimer's Abby Owen and Jane Smoltz
Anonymous (8)
Peter A. Auld
Susan P. Baker
Joel P. Berger
Peter M. Block
Ty Louis Campbell Foundation
Eileen and Steven W. Carlsen
Cavali Foundation
Stanley I. Chera
Melanie B. and Marc S. Cohn
Eva Sambi Colin Usdan and John Lemberg Usdan
Filomen M. D'Agostino Foundation Corp.
Kathryn and Joel Ditchik
Candise and Kevin Dunleavy
Kathe and John S. Dyson
Lucky and Edgar R. Eisner
Irene Shonberg Fisher and Barry L. Fisher
Susan P. and Richard A. Friedman
Anita C. Garoppolo
Barbara P. Gimbel
Nellie and Robert L. Gipson
Jennifer and Daniel Hecht
Emma W. Hill and Michael K. Minter
Frederick Iseman
Michelle and Joseph Michael Jacobs
David Jin, Ph.D.
John W. Jordan II
David Kabiller
Jill Kamen and Mazen Kamen, M.D.
Kat's Ribbon of Hope
Pamela Keld
Miriam and Robert E. Kerson
Patricia M.and William H. Kleh
Bruce and Suzie Kovner
Daniel Kurtz and Shveta Kakar
Lee and Murray Kushner
David Gary Levin
Caroline P. Los Arcos
Marylyn and David Malkin
Dennis and Lanore McDonagh
Linda Merinoff and Paul Bogrow
Jennifer Bayer Michaels and Howard L. Michaels
Patricia and Peter A. Nadosy
Ruth C. and Samuel S. Perelson
Susan B. Plum
Nan and Oscar Pollock
Amy and Martin Post, M.D.
Arthur Rabin
Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Rifkind
Leslie Rudd
Pamela and Arthur Sanders
Lucille LePage and Carlton S. Sedgeley
Audrey Lou Sevin
Betty and Steve Silverman
Panayotis D. Sparaggis
Loretta M. and Christopher J. Stadler
Judy and Michael Steinhardt
Cheryl Tomasulo-Marino and Joseph A. Marino
Thomas N. Tryforos
Marie-Celine C. Valenta
Elizabeth R. and Michael A. Varet
Joan and Howard Weinstein
Larri and Susan Wolfson

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Lorelei Schroeter
Director of Annual & Special Giving Programs
(646) 962-9531