Partners in Medicine

Partners in Medicine is a recognition society created to honor the special generosity of contributors who provide essential support for existing programs and new initiatives at Weill Cornell Medicine. Donations can be designated to any area of our work that is of particular interest – or we will use your support where it is needed most.

Our partners in medicine help Weill Cornell Medicine lead the way in innovative treatments and pioneering research – pairing medical education and the latest in technologies with a commitment to compassionate and personalized care. These special contributors are active partners, who share our vision and commitment to the advancement of medicine. 

Partners whose generosity and philanthropic spirit help shape our institution are nominated to the following societies:

Partners ($1,000 - $2,499)

  • Partners in Medicine identification card showing the holder to be a special supporter;
  • Assistance from a Weill Cornell Medicine liaison in arranging medical referrals;
  • Use of the Samuel J. Wood Library and the C.V. Starr Biomedical Information Center;
  • An insider’s view of the most current news coming out of the institution, including Weill Cornell Medicine publications and Partners in Medicine newsletters;
  • Insider invitations to educational seminars and other events to hear about the latest advances in medical diagnoses, research, and care. 

Sponsors ($2,500 - $4,999)

Enjoy all the benefits of Partners, plus receive special recognition on the Weill Cornell Medicine website honor roll.

Benefactors ($5,000 - $9,999)

Enjoy all the benefits of Sponsors, plus receive special recognition in the Partners in Medicine newsletter.

Founders Circle ($10,000 - $24,999)

Enjoy all the benefits of Benefactors, plus receive a VIP invitation to an exclusive Weill Cornell Medicine special event.

Leadership Circle ($25,000 - $99,999)

Enjoy all the benefits of Founders Circle, plus receive an invitation to Weill Cornell Medical Center’s signature annual event, Cabaret!

Donor Roster 2019

Leadership Circle

Aces for Alzheimer’s, Abby Owen and Jane Smoltz
Catherine and Frederick Adler
Anonymous (4)
The William O. and Carole P. Bailey Family Foundation
Jena and Milton Berlinski
Peter M. Block
Steven E. Boxer
Deenie and Frank Brosens
Eunice and Rob Burnett
Ty Louis Campbell Foundation
Stanley Chera
Morton Coleman, M.D. and Mark Pasmantier, M.D.
Sandra and Wayne Coyte
Kathryn and Joel Ditchik
Angie Eng, M.D. and Thierry Ho
Susan G. and Martin A. Fischer
Mia Fonssagrives-Solow and Sheldon Solow
Gant Family Foundation
Nellie and Robert Gipson
Myrna and Steve Greenberg
Frederick Iseman
June Jacobs
Amabel and Hamilton James
Jill Kamen and Mazen Kamen, M.D.
Kat's Ribbon of Hope
Susan and Robert Klein
Susan Lebovitz-Edelman and Joseph Edelman
Warren Lloyd Lewis Esq.
Andrew Marks
Laura and Brent Nicklas
Michele O'Toole
Amy and Martin Post, M.D.
Sabine and Henry P. Renard
Avis and Bruce Richards
Gail Schargel and William Powell
Lori and Zachary Schreiber
Gretchen Scott
David J. Simon
Loretta and Christopher Stadler
Marie-Celine Valenta
Nicholas Fox Weber
Joan and Howard Weinstein
Winston Foundation
Larri and Susan Wolfson
Cordelia Dietrich Zanger and Jesse Zanger

Founders Circle

Margot Adams
Virginia B. and Andrew E. Adelson
Anonymous (9)
Shari and Joel Beckman
Manuel Bellod and Hamilton South IV
Wendy Bennett
Linda and James Berezny
Ayelet and Benjamin Blaustein
William and Krystyna Breger
Susan and Stephen Breitenbach
Katherine Bryan
Jennifer and Thane Carlston
Jeanne and Paul Carroll
Marc Chalet, M.D. and James Ting, Ph.D.
Denise K. and David H. Chase
Elka and Marc Chemtob
Arlene and Stanley Churgin
Laura and William Cody
The Cole Foundation
Verena and Roderick Cushman
Tina and James Deutsch
Jane and Robert Draizen
Lisa and Stephen Eisenstein
Joyce Emposimato and Paul Emposimato, Jr.
Harley and Robert Raiff
Michelle and Andrew Feinberg
Michael Felicetta
Diane and George Fellows
Robin and John Fitzpatrick
Mary Ann Fribourg
Ani and Mark Gabrellian
Stanley C. Gale
Danielle and David Ganek
Idee German
Hermine Gewirtz
Beverly Glaubman
Elizabeth M. Gordon
Nancy and Stephen Green
Nancy and Philip Greer
Jennifer Gruenberg and Leonard Gruenberg, Jr.
Kathleen D. Hale
Debra S. and George F. Heinrich, M.D.
Judith and Paul Hochhauser
Barbara and Lawrence A. Inra, M.D.
John Jacobsen
Virginia James
Alan and Ann Jusko
Edmund Kessler, M.D.
Tammy and Stephen A. Kirshon
Judith and Alexander Laughlin
Gretchen and Howard Leach
Craig A. Leavitt and Lam Nguyen Family Foundation
Joseph Lesser
Erica and Ross Levine
Francine D. Levine
Mariean and Marvin Levy
Sharon Handler Loeb and John Loeb, Jr.
Susan and Eric Luse
Hilary and Adam Lustig
Lyonhearted Foundation
Rosita Manocherian
Maureen and James P. McCarron, Jr., M.D.
Mark McCooey
Lucio and Joan Noto
Adam H. Offenhartz
Sean and Julie O'Shea
Debbie and Andrew Phillips
Sara Rawson and Gene Nowak
Frederick Richmond
Barbara Ritchin
Isabella Rose Romano Foundation
Catherine and Michael A. Rosenbluth, M.D.
Milton B. Rosenbluth, M.D.
Susan and Jon Rotenstreich
Robert L. and Sharon G. Ryan
Michael Samuels
Cynthia and Thomas P. Sculco, M.D.
Stefanie and David Sheehan
William Sherman
Shirley M. Sontheimer
Dana and Andy Stone
Bara and Alex Tisch
Deborah Tucciarone
Patricia Tulchin
Martha and Alex Wallau
Lauren and Andrew Weisenfeld
Victoria Wiener
Annelise Peterson Winter and David Winter
William Yelsits
Mrs. P. M. Yen
Anna and Kenneth Zankel
Alphonse Zenna
Gregory Zenna


Anonymous (6)
Jane Anspach
Scott Berger
In memory of Gilbert Bezar
Magda and Edward Bleier
Unn J. and Thomas O. Boucher
Paul Brody
Mary and James Callanan
Florence and Philip Celella
Wendy Cherwin
Children's Brain Tumor Family Foundation
Sharon S. and Thomas J. Chisholm
Sean Clark
Betsy Cohn
Valery Craane
Daulton-Zeidman Family
Janet and Andrew Davidson
Helga and Frank Doyle
Stephan Feldgoise
Floors for the Cure
Anne and John Gauthier
Janice and Robert Genser
Barbara Ginsberg
Ernest F. Grunebaum
Paul Guilden
Janienne Hackett and Patrick Hackett, Jr.
Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman
Mardi and Gregory Hayt
Yao Xin He and Shiao Fung
Terry Hermanson
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Himoff
Carole Hochman
Helen Hoffman
Nancy and John B. Hoffmann
Anne C. Holbach and Richard M. Edelman
John W. Holman, Jr.
Kristine Howar
Jan and David W. Ichel
Beth Jacobs and Keith Gottesdiener, M.D.
Linda Kastan
Elizabeth A. and Peter C. Keenoy
Ann Kirby
Loren and Casey M. Klein
Janine and Chris Koehler
Judith K. Hitchcock Koppel and Kenneth Koppel
Avalon Lance
Marguerite B. Lee and John J. Lee
Francine Ann LeFrak and Eric B. Friedberg
Francine Levine
Jim and Mary Lewis
David Long III
Joyce H. Lowinson, M.D.
Linda Luk
Jim and Deirdre McCarthy
Linda and Clement McGillicuddy
Mark S. McMahon, M.D.
Judith G. Mendelsund
Janet and Thomas Montag
In memory of Samuel Perelson - Ruth Perelson and Family
Robert Pinkard
Howard Ratech, M.D. and Hideko Kamino, M.D.
Pamela Tamarkin Reis
Elizabeth B. and Reuben F. Richards
Annette Rickel, Ph.D. and John Leone
Natalie Rounick
Cyma Rubin
Nancy J. Schulman, Ph.D. and Robert I. Schulman
Julia and Ned Sharpless
Elizabeth M. and David M. Sherman
Robin Sherwood and Gregory Hoelscher
Jamie and Mariel Sholem
Stania and Henry Smek
Eliot B. Stewart
Donna and Alan Stillman
Ralph Weindling
Andrew White
Jay and McCartney Wilkins
Jacqueline and Eric Witmondt
Deborah Zabel and William Zabel, Esq.


Richard I. Adrian
June Rose Nigro Alfieri and John B. Alfieri, Jr.
Holly Andersen, M.D. and Douglas Hirsch
Anonymous (5)
Neil L. and Vicki Aronstam
Nancy and Brad Benjamin, Sheryl Benjamin, and Taffy Benajmin
Rachel and Charles Bernheim
Susan Blumenthal
Steve Briggs
Robert Buford, Jr.
Richard Button
Juana Caicedo and Dennis Selinger
Carolyn Callahan
Marianne and Lionel Chaikin
Alexander D'Amico
Stephen Dowicz
Marjorie B. Ellenbogen
Brenda and Kenneth Erickson
Phyllis and Bernard Feinberg
Sandi and Herbert Feinberg
Jacquin Fink
Sattina Ganesh
Janis and Alan Goldberg
Helen and Peter Goldstein
Ellen and Roger Harvey
Marieluise Hessel Artzt
Ruth Hirsch
Frank Hohmann
Margot and Stephen Holland
Johannah and Brent Holleran
Jane and Shin Hsu
Joan and Walter Jensen
Karen Karlsrud and Raymond Mikulich
John and Anne Kelly
Deborah Kessler and Alan Kessler, M.D.
Nathan Kravis, M.D.
Karin and David Kuhns
Cindy and Timothy Langley
Carol Lederman
Lawrence J. Levine
Susan and Steven Levkoff
Marlene and Andrew Lippmann
Kimberly and Steven Loseff
Don and Catie Marron
Andrew Martorella, M.D.
Diana and David McKissock, Sr.
Peter Munson
Edith Nathanson
Bess Nicholas
Nicole and Bruce Paisner
Anne Marie Paul
Sheila and Harold Richman
Barbara and Victor J. Rocco
Kimberly and Andrew Sagor
David Schulingkamp
Randolph Schwartz
Karen and Walter Scott
Catherine and Roger Seasonwein
Louann and Vincent Sellecchia
Pamela Y. Siegel
Silpe Family
Jesse Preston and Sarah Silvernail
Stella Siu and Richard Rapold
Harold Skolnick
Marilyn Smilowitz
Carol Spero, L.C.S.W.
Maureen and Robert Thaler
Leslie J. Topper
Diane Tornejal
Richard A. Williamson
Mary Wolf and William Fowler III
Lois and Bruce Zenkel
Lilian and Kenneth Zuar

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