Introducing Some of our Newest Recruits
The Belfer Research Building is home to some of the most innovative physician-scientists of our time. Some of our newest senior researchers in the Belfer building welcomed the opportunity to talk about their work and how it impacts patients.
A Clear Path to Discovery
One year after the doors of the Belfer Research Building have opened, the energy pulsating through the walls is as unmistakable as the talent of the researchers within them.
Meet John Kuiper, M.D. ’61
Dr. John Kuiper has been a friend to Weill Cornell since his first days as a medical student in 1957.
Drukier Institute for Children's Health
With an extraordinary $25 million gift to Weill Cornell Medical College, philanthropists and visionaries Gale and Overseer Ira Drukier have established the Gale and Ira Drukier Institute for Children’s Health.
Campaign for Education
Weill Cornell is pleased to announce the new Campaign for Education, an ambitious $50 million initiative devoted to bolstering its already distinguished reputation as a leader in medical education by enhancing its training of the next generation of physicians and scientists. As technological advances transform science and medicine and the healthcare industry continues to evolve, these new healthcare leaders will be empowered to tackle our 21st century health challenges, deliver the finest patient care and make groundbreaking research discoveries.
Dr. Carol Storey-Johnson and Dr. Barbara Hempstead
Launching a transformative medical school curriculum is no small task – but with the able leadership of Drs. Carol Storey-Johnson ’77 and Barbara Hempstead, working alongside Dean Glimcher and countless faculty members and students, Weill Cornell is positioned to lead the way in medical education for many years to come. After more than 13 years as the Senior Associate Dean for Education, Dr. Storey-Johnson was recently appointed Senior Advisor for Medical Education.
House Call Program
The EGL House Call Program is a shining example of Weill Cornell's commitment to providing comprehensive care to the senior population and helping individuals live longer, healthier lives. The mission of this program is to bring the doctor's office directly to the patient's doorstep, serving elderly patients who are homebound.
Meet Barbara Slifka and Dr. Richard Cohen
Dr. Cohen and Barbara Slifka recently sat down with Larry Schafer, Vice Provost for External Affairs, to speak about what inspires each of them to give.
Meyer Cancer Center
A $75 million gift from longtime philanthropists Sandra and Edward Meyer and the Sandra and Edward Meyer Foundation will expand and enhance Weill Cornell's distinguished cancer research and care programs.
Meet Bob Appel
Bob recently sat down with Larry Schafer, Vice Provost for External Affairs, to speak about his role as a philanthropist and a leader for Weill Cornell.