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Introducing Some of our Newest Recruits

The Belfer Research Building is home to some of the most innovative physician-scientists of our time. While the recruits below are only a small snapshot of the incredible talent at Weill Cornell, as our newest senior researchers in the Belfer building, they welcomed the opportunity to talk about their work and how it impacts patients.


Director, Jill Roberts Institute for Research in Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Michael Kors Professor of Immunology

"The Artis lab is collaborating with other basic scientists and clinicians at Weill Cornell to develop translational research approaches that will allow analysis of immune responses in patients who suffer from cancer, inflammatory and metabolic diseases. These studies have the potential to significantly advance our understanding of the pathways that underlie multiple chronic diseases.”



Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Professor in Cancer Research

“My laboratory has helped to define two signaling systems in the body that are most often hijacked in cancer. Inhibitors to the major signaling proteins in these pathways have been produced. These inhibitors are now being tested in cancer clinical trials and are driving major advances in precision medicine.”



Meyer Director, Meyer Cancer Center
Margaret and Herman Sokol Professor in Oncology Research

"My laboratory discovered a gene called PI3K that plays a central role in the growth of a wide variety of cancers. More than 20 PI3K inhibitors are now in cancer clinical trials and we are working with pharmaceutical companies and clinicians to understand how to best utilize these drugs to cure cancers."



Walter B. Wriston Professor of Pancreatic Cancer Research

“My research focuses on the immune system and its effect on pancreatic cancer cells, which are surrounded by a protective barrier. We have recently identified a drug that breaks through that barrier, allowing immune cells to kill the pancreatic cancer cells. This therapeutic compound is scheduled for early trials in patients this summer.”



Director, Brain Tumor Center and Associate Director for Translational Research,
Meyer Cancer Center

“Our research focuses on understanding the biology of the stem cells in glioblastoma, an aggressive type of malignant brain tumor. We model individual patients’ glioblastomas by isolating and growing their tumor stem cells in the lab and looking for areas of therapeutic vulnerability in order to find the best possible therapy for that particular patient.”



Director, Dalio Institute of Cardiovascular Imaging

"The Dalio Institute of Cardiovascular Imaging comprises a multidisciplinary group of physicians and scientists who define intelligent imaging solutions that deliver superior cardiovascular outcomes at reduced societal cost for individuals with and at risk for cardiovascular disease."



Director, Molecular Imaging Innovations Institute
Alexander R. Margulis, M.D., Distinguished Professor in Radiology

“Our research focuses on advancing imaging technology to 'see' diseaseassociated changes at the molecular level, before a disease begins to present structural changes. Molecular imaging technology is critical in guiding precision medicine and it has broad applications in various diseases, such as cancer, atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction and neural degeneration.”



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