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Partners in Medicine

Partners in Medicine members help Weill Cornell Medicine lead the way in innovative treatments and pioneering research – pairing medical education and the latest in technologies with a commitment to compassionate and person-to-person care.

Members in this society are active partners in advancing medicine. Members whose extraordinary generosity and philanthropic spirit help shape our institution are nominated to the following societies:

Partners ($1,000 - $2,499)
· A Partners in Medicine identification card showing the holder to be a special supporter;
· Assistance from a Weill Cornell Medicine liaison in arranging medical referrals;
· Use of the Samuel J. Wood Library and the C.V. Starr Biomedical Information Center;
· An insider’s view of the most current news coming out of the institution, including Weill Cornell Medicine publications and Partners in Medicine newsletters;
· Insider invitations to luncheons, seminars, and other events to hear about the latest advances in medical diagnoses, treatment, research, and care.

Sponsor ($2,500 - $4,999)
· Enjoy all the benefits of Partners, plus receive special recognition on the Weill Cornell Medicine website honor roll.

Benefactors ($5,000 - $9,999)
· Enjoy all the benefits of Sponsors, plus receive special recognition on the Partners in Medicine Donor Wall, prominently displayed on campus at Weill Cornell Medicine.

Founders Circle ($10,000 - $24,999)
· Enjoy all the benefits of Benefactors, plus receive a VIP invitation to an exclusive Weill Cornell Medicine special event.

Leadership Circle ($25,000 - $99,999)
· Enjoy all the benefits of Founders, plus receive an invitation to Weill Cornell Medical Center’s signature annual event, Cabaret!

Donor Roster

Sponsors $2,500-$4,999

Ellen F. and Stanley I. Adler
Joann L. Alvis and Daniel H. Greenberg
Neil L. Aronstam
Deborah Baum
Jessica I. Bede
Shelley and Philip A. Belling
Edgar R. Berner
Marianne J. and Harvey Bernstein
Sandra K. and A. William Bertsch
Cheryl and Robert G. Byron
Gay H. and David H. Carnahan, Jr.
Robin B. Cohen, R.N.
Barbara and Bertram Cohn
Sophie Coumantaros
Kathryn Ann and J. Douglas Cox
Eugene J. Daly
Robert and Nancy Englander
Muriel Epstein
Solomon J. Freedman
Mary L. and Constantine Giviskos
Beverly Glaubman
Jane Haher
Thomas Hitchcock III
Andrea R. and Craig M. Horowitz
I Run For…Half Marathon Organization
Roe Jasen
Gwen and Eckart Kade
Yukako Kawata
Gary Kevin
Craig Koenigsberg
Charles P. Kontulis
Lisa and Kenneth Kornblau
Nathan Kravis, M.D.
Edith J. Langner, M.D. and Michael H. Coles
Pamela M. and Jon P. Larrick
John Leone
Francine D. Levine
Janet and Mel Lewinter
John A. Loconsolo
Iris and Michael Long
Judith S. Losben
Katherine and Douglas W. McCormick
Diana and David L. McKissock
Helen N. Mettler
Charles H. Murphy III
Elaine and Brian P. Murphy
Meryl Nierman and Charles G. Moore III
Randi and Michael R. Potack
Maxine and Earl Reiss
Grace and David A. Rich, Sr.
Kimba Wood and Frank E. Richardson
Elissa and James Richman
Jane Rivkin
David Ryzhik
Jane Dresner Sadaka and Ned Sadaka
Martin J. Seigel, D.V.M.
Vincent Sellecchia
Marilyn Smilowitz
Shirley M. Sontheimer
Carol Spero, L.C.S.W.
Michael R. Steinberg
Peter Stelian
Sheila and H. Marvin Stockel
Patsy and Jeff C. Tarr, Sr.
Owen Thomas
Rebecca Ward
Eugene Warren
Marjorie G. Zauderer and David S. Griffel

Benefactors $5,000-$9,999

Ellen and Arnie Jacobs
Randy L. Ketive
The Lehoczky Escobar Family
Susan Lehrman
Mary T. Lewis, M.D. and Lawrence J. Lewis
Gail and Robert F. Liner
Marlene and Andrew Lippmann
Michael T. Lynch
Isabel and Peter L. Malkin
Nancy F. Marks
Vickie and Gregory McLaughlin
Mary T. and Richard W. Moore, Jr.
Shirley Moss
Christine and Milton J. Pappas
Roger and Caroline Paradiso
Susan F. Petschek
Malva Rabinowitz and Steve L. Abrams
Jonathan Rendell
Elizabeth B. and Reuben F. Richards
Sheila R. and Harold B. Richman
Dana G. and Michael D. Roffman
Timothy J. Rooney
Mark E. Rubenstein
Michael R. Salzer
Anne and Alan Schnitzer
David Schulingkamp
Sara Lee and Axel Schupf
Susan and Daniel Schwarzwalder
Gretchen Scott
Sheryl D. and Jonathan D. Sokoloff
Pablo Spiller
Ilse and Murray Stark
Jonathan Steinberg
Leila Straus
Diane C. and James W. Turner
Cynthia P. and William L. Wilby
Bradley A. Young
Carol and Lawrence Zicklin
Mary Linda and Victor Zonana

Founders $10,000-$24,999

Virginia B. and Andrew E. Adelson
Susan and Jay I. Anderson
Anonymous (2)
Michael Anstendig
Valerie and Garo H. Armen
Alexis and Rene-Pierre Azria
Matthew G. Bell
Deena and David Bernstein
Leslie S. and Philip L. Bernstein
Michael Betesh
Kimberly Bollenbach
Krystyna Breger
Susan and Stephen Breitenbach
Susan Bren and Lewis Howard Wirshba
Suzanne P. Bunzel
Eunice and Robert Burnett
Debra and Matthew J. Chanin
Craig Coats
Karen J. and James L. Confino
Pierre Cremieux
Raffaella R. Cribiore, Ph.D.
Helga M. and Frank P. Doyle
Candise and Kevin Dunleavy
Christopher L. Eisgruber
Marjorie B. Ellenbogen
Elizabeth M. Jean-Marie Eveillard
Vivian S. and Roger N. Farah
Harley A. Farber-Raiff and Robert M. Raiff
Kelly and Kyle Fisher
Stanley C. Gale
Anita Garoppolo
Grecia L. Gross
L. Jay Grossman, Jr.
Kathleen D. Hale
Harrington and Hoeft Family
Emma W. Hill and Michael K. Minter
Isabella Rose Romano Foundation
John Jacobsen
John Jeffers
Ann and Alan Jusko
Andrea and Warren Kantor
Marcy Kerr and David A. Yuknat
Clay and Garrett Kirk
Emily J. Knobloch, M.D. and Robert Berlin, M.D.
Brenda M. Krepol and Edward H. Albert
Barbara L. Krongel
Lee and Murray Kushner
Abby Leigh
Karen A. and Allan S. Levine
Marcia R. Levine
Hilary and Adam Lustig
Alison and Kevin Lyon
Dana and Robert J. MacNaughton III
Bernice Manocherian
Dean W. Mathey
Mary C. McCooey
Ellen F. and Alan M. Meckler
Carol and Paul J. Mendez
Diana M. Moore
Donald B. Murphy
Judith B. Newbold
Lam V. Nguyen and Craig A. Leavitt
Nancy Oettinger
Adam Offenhartz
Cecile O. Pernica
Phyllis & Howard Schwartz Philanthropic Fund
Mark L. Pochaw
Paula S. and Ira M. Resnick
Arlene and Bernard Richards
Alice Rosenwald
Rebecca and I. Peter Rosow
Shelley and Donald Rubin
Susan Rudin
Martha S. and Paul R. Samuelson
Nancy J. and Robert I. Schulman
Gretchen Scott
Elizabeth M. and David M. Sherman
Stephanie and Abram Shnay
Betty and Steve Silverman
Lynn G. and William M. Silverman, Esq.
J. Whitney Stevens
The Strausman Family
Karen and Bob Sywolski
Cheryl Tomasulo-Marino and Joseph A. Marino
Harold Turobiner
Elizabeth R. and Michael A. Varet
Alice C. and Lawrence C. Weiner
Susan G. and James L. Winter
Dale and Rafael Zaklad
Anna and Kenneth Zankel

Leadership $25,000-$99,999

Julie K. Adelman
Lillian Applebaum
Dorothea F. Blatt
Ayelet S. and Benjamin Blaustein
Steven Boxer and The Boxer Family Foundation
Zafar J. Brooks
Azucena Camelo-Basin
Cynthia and Louis Campbell
Eva Colin Usdan and John Usdan
Gayle and Barry C. Cooper, M.D.
Laura and James P. DeMare
Marie and John T. Evans
Filomen M. D'Agostino Foundation Corp.
Harriet and Scott N. Greenberg
Sarina W. Gwirtzman
William E. Hartman
Marlene Hess and James D. Zirin
Kat's Ribbon of Hope
Wilma and Howard Kaye
Elizabeth A. and Peter C. Keenoy
Theresa A. Kepic and Frank Naeymi-Rad, Ph.D.
Miriam and Robert E. Kerson
Mike Kirby
Patricia and William H. Kleh
Marilyn and David Malkin
Bernice H. and Lewis R. Mandel
Alice McPherson, M.D.
Philip Milto, Jr.
Wendy L. and David C. Novak
Valerie and Michael A. Puglisi
Sabine and Henry P. Renard
Andrew H. Rosenthal
Lisa and David T. Schiff
Douglas Schottenstein
Lucille and Carlton Sedgeley
Panayotis D. Sparaggis, Ph.D.
Stanley and Arna Smith Foundation
Suzanne and Robert M. Steinberg
A. Seth Teicher
Cecilia K. and Keith K. Terasaki, M.D.
Sandra L. Townes
Esther Sue Weingarten and Massimo Sortino
Jill L. and Jeffrey L. Weiss
Judith and Harold D. Winters

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Lorelei Schroeter
Director of Annual & Special Giving Programs
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